Data Retention Periods for schools

Data Retention Periods for schools, Pupil Related - Retention Periods Interview Records, Staff Records

Pupil Related

Retention Periods

School Register/Roll Books

Enrolment Forms

Disciplinary notes

Test Results – Standardised

Psychological Assessments etc.


Accident Reports

Child Protection Reports/Records

S.29 Appeals


Hold until Pupil is 25 Years                           

Never Destroy                                            

Hold until pupil is 25 Years

Never Destroy

Never Destroy                                       

Never Destroy                                                

Never Destroy                                             

Never Destroy

 Interview Records


Interview Board

Marking Scheme

Board of Management notes (for unsuccessful candidates)

18 months from close of competition plus 6 months in case Equality Tribunal needs to inform school that a claim is being taken 

 Staff Records


Contract of Employment

Teaching Council Registration

Vetting Records


Accident/Injury at work Reports 

Retention for duration of employment + 7 years



(6 years to make a claim against the school plus 1 year for proceedings to be served on school)

BoM Record


BOM Agenda and Minutes

CC TV Recordings



Payroll & Taxation





Audited Accounts


28 days normally. In the event of criminal investigation – as long as is necessary


Revenue require a 6-year period after the end of the tax year


Retain for 7 Years



Why, in certain circumstances, does the Data Protection Commission recommend the holding of records until the former pupil has attained 25 years of age?


The reasoning is that a pupil reaches the age of majority at 18 years and that there should be a 6-year limitation period in which it would be possible to take a claim against a school, plus 1 year for proceedings to be served on a school. The Statute of Limitations imposes a limit on a right of action so that after a prescribed period any action can be time barred.

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